Psyllium Seeds

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Psyllium seeds are a type of mucilaginous seed used for centuries in India and the Middle East. They are sometimes called “British flax” or “gumboot gums.”
Psyllium seeds are derived from the plant Plantago ovata, an herb that we harvest and cultivate in tropical areas of India.
The main ingredient in psyllium is soluble fiber, which absorbs water from the digestive system and passes through the body without being digested. It helps you feel full after eating less food, which can help you lose weight.

Common Names

lspaghua, Isabgol, and Isabgula are the household names of Psyllium. Other names are Semen Ispaghula, Plantaginis Ovatae Semen, Flea, Spogel, Plantago Psyllium, Spogel, and Plantago Psyllium.

What are the features of psyllium seeds?

Following are the features of psyllium seeds:
Fiber Rich
Psyllium seeds are considered a “functional food” because they’re rich in fibers that help lower cholesterol and prevent digestive problems.
Psyllium seeds have a mild taste that is similar to that of oats or flaxseeds.
They are white with brown speckles and have a distinctive texture when ground into flour or powder.
pH Level
They have a neutral pH level (6-7) that makes them suitable for most people who suffer from digestive problems like bloating or constipation.


Color Light brown to moderate brown
Odor Fain characteristics
Taste Bland, mucilaginous
Particle Size Maximum 1.0 % on U.S.S. 10#
Moisture (loss or drying) Maximum 12.0 %
Total Ash Maximum 4.0 %
Acid Insoluble Ash Maximum 1.0%
Foreign Organic Matter Maximum 0.5 %

What are the user benefits of psyllium seeds?

Treats Heartburn
Psyllium seeds reduce heartburn pain by reducing abdominal distention.

Healthy Digestion
They also help to keep the digestive tract healthy and functioning properly.

Lower Cholesterol
They also help lower cholesterol levels by binding bile acids in the intestines and reducing their absorption into the bloodstream.

Weight Loss
Psyllium seeds help to feel full longer after eating, which helps in weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.

How should users consume psyllium seeds?

Users should take one teaspoon of psyllium seed powder mixed with warm water daily as part of their diet plan for better results on constipation relief.

What is the minimum order quantity of psyllium seeds?

The minimum order quantity is 1 ton.

How do you pack psyllium seeds?

We package psyllium seeds to allow them to be transported safely and securely. Our packing allows buyers to reseal/repack them in smaller packets.

How to store psyllium seeds?

Psyllium seeds can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated, but they should not be frozen. If storage is longer than three months, they must be stored in an airtight container with no oxygen exposure.

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