What are organic psyllium seeds?

Organic psyllium seeds are a type of mucilaginous seed that are derived from the plant Plantago ovata, an herb that we organically harvest and cultivate in tropical areas of India.

Organic psyllium seeds differ from regular psyllium seeds because of their higher concentration of soluble fiber. While regular psyllium contains 1 to 2 percent soluble fiber, organic psyllium seeds have up to 7 percent soluble fiber, which means they’re much better at relieving constipation. The high level of lignin, about 3 percent, also helps keep your digestive system functioning properly. 

You can rest assured with our organic psyllium seeds, which undergo rigorous testing before the final supply.


Yes, our psyllium is organic.

Yes, we deliver pan India. 

We cover the entire global market, and our export volume is above 80%. 

Yes, we always keep the stock ready for buyers. We also have a company in Europe, Milan, where we keep organic and conventional psyllium for immediate supply.

Yes, all our products are returnable within the applicable return window.

Yes, we test in-house and in accredited labs. Only when all the results are clean our team releases the product.

Yes, we work round the clock to provide uninterrupted support and services.

Right now, we only wholesale. 

The following separates us from our competitors:

  • We have a fully automatic facility.
  • We provide solutions to each discrepancy. 
  • Psyllium has issues with PA, mainly in the European market, and we have a facility to produce psyllium below 50-100PPB. 
  • We own a farming facility where we cultivate the psyllium under our eye
  • We grow our psyllium on a special farm with no allergen-containing crops cultivated.